Stop worrying about running injuries and being too pooped to finish!                                      

With the ChiRunning technique you can run injury free and with more energy to spare 👣🏅    

You can again run like you did when you were a kid, remember how effortless and fun it was. ChiRunning is a revolutionary new running technique designed to move your body in a way that is more energy efficient and allows you remain injury free. Using focuses derived from the martial art of Tai Chi, with ChiRunning you are able to direct your body’s weight away from your muscles and joints, which are more prone to injury and move your body in a way that enhances your posture, balance and engages your core. While also moving you along by cooperating with the forces of nature like gravity and the force of the road coming at you!

Hi! my name is Max and I am a ChiRunning and ChiWalking coach in the Tampa Bay area. Visit me at and learn more😉👣

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