Before you get out there or even start your day… why not concentrate on giving some TLC to your knees. We know that exercise when done with good body technique may assists in reducing knee injuries. However, we also caution that when exercises like walking and running are not done with proper body technique; we can cause damage to our joints and muscles. Especially, when we stretch and push cold joints and muscles before they have time to gradually warm-up. Long time Ultra Marathoner, founder of ChiRunning and Senior himself, Danny Dreyer recommends this exercise to loosen up the knees.


  • Put your feet together and place your hands on your knees.
  • Next move your knees around clockwise…but make sure your knees are not extending in front of your toes and your back should flat, with your upper body as still as possible.
  • Keep going in this circle for 10 times clockwise  
  • Finally go counter-clockwise 10 times 
  • Keep your body relaxed and don’t forget to breath!

 Have an awesome Wednesday! 🌞Max

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