Not enough is said about the benefits of walking. Particularly ChiWalking which enhances the benefits of walking by allowing you to practice core engagement, good posture and body balance, while also relaxing into your workout. Those of you who have been practicing ChiWalking know that there is less wear and tear on our joints when we move from our core instead of leading with our legs. In addition there is less impact. 



But I also understand that many of us still worry about your joints because of years of neglect. The Mayo Clinic’s latest health publication for women over 50 (January 2020) suggests that some joint pain is common as we age. We may also experience wear and tear of our joints brought on by over use or infections to your joints. The article offers several suggestions:

  • Recognize the difference between general discomfort in your joints and conditions like arthritis pain and joint over use. 
    • Pain that lasts for more than an hour after an exercise activity means that the activity maybe too stressful to our body. Remember to use gradual progression in any exercise activity, slowly build your body into an activity.
  • Determine when the pin first occurred:
    • What were you doing that involved the use of the joint in pain?
    • What position were you in? Use good body sensing, when did you first encounter the feeling of discomfort?
    • How long were you participating in the activity? Remember gradual progress, only increase the length of the activity by 1 percent each week and test out how you feel. 
    • Was the task to strenuous or did it require to heavy lifting?

Next time you participate in an activity that has caused your joints pain before, try changing on of the above variables. Keep changing them, one at a time,  until you learn what and how much your joints can do without pain.

Have fun out there and keep safe!

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