“Summer Workouts in Tampa Bay” … Taking it Inside…

I am learning that although training inside does not offer the freedom and ascetics of being outside in nature there are many things I like about being on the treadmill. Especially after injuring myself while weight training on my own….

  • Because I sweat excessively due to the humidity and heat, I am more prone to heat strokes. After a point the excess drinking watering to replenish me, actually makes me even more sick (nauseous and dizzy). At the gym I still sweat but my body temperature is better regulated.
  • As I transition from ChiWalking to ChiRunning, I can monitor my pace easily and plan my target pace goal before I start my workout. Now I have begun my cardio and run pace and can bring myself back up to a 30 minute cardio paced walk and transition to a 30 minute ru.
  • Also I can work in my weight training since I am at the gym and can monitor my form with a trainer. This eliminates me pulling another muscle because I did not know how to complete the exercise with the correct form. Weight training like running can cause injuries that can keep you on the sideline for months. I have learned my lesson.
  • I know that to really pull in a work out that helps me prepare for the race and help me develop more muscles in y over all body again; I need to work out 4 times a week with my walk/run and 4 times a week doing my weight training. This is my personal experience and goal for myself.

Hope everyone is having a terrific summer!

Best wishes, Max

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