..Week 4Back inside for “Week Number 4. My muscle pull is doing much better so here at the gym. Learning to enjoy keeping out of the sun for now. Had my pocket phone running shorts ready to use my run keeper app for keeping track of my daily distance but it did not work well.So I wasn’t able to keep up with my workout journal. Have to use my fitbit watch instead and journal when I get home. This week I will be transitioning to running so I want to pick my pace up. This week for at least 3 days I want to keep at least a 15 minute pace on the console for 30 minutes. On my long run day I want to do a 15 minute pace for 45 minutes. Here I go….hope everyone has a fantastic week! #GraceWalks #ChiWalk #ChiRun #Fitness #InjuryFree #SeniorFitness