Turning our M in Me upside down to “We”. This is the message I woke up to as I listened to CNN journalist and spokesperson Chris Cuomo, his message “Coronavirus scares me as a parent”.

My daughter and son can attest to the fact that their mother continuously sends YouTube news regarding the coronavirus and it keeps us all scared. My daughter Katie has threatened me not to send any more. So I am writing to you guys 😆. But this message was not a downer, as a matter of fact it gave me courage. Something that has not been continuously present in me for sometime now. No matter how much I try to keep positive that our circumstances and attitudes in our country and world will change for the good of all human kind; this reality alludes me.

However, this morning Mr. Cuomo repeated the words of John F. Kennedy as he spoke about “our war” against the coronavirus. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. These words changed the very paradigm of this crisis for me. There was a time in this country when we as Americans and as a global community considered bullies that would try to take a persons freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness away, as the true enemy. Our whole country came together as well as the global community came together to put an end to injustice. Coronavirus at first glance does appear to fit this description. However, the difference is that it does not discriminate along country borders; no walls can contain it. We know that in order to fight this WE must come together as a country and as citizens of this precious earth to which WE each belong.

It will take each of us to put down selfishness and hoarding for our own personal selves and families. When I hoard the sanitizers and masks for myself it will leave those around me without them to become ill. This will continue the spread of the virus until it eventually comes back to me or someone I love. What does this type behavior teach my children? How does this type behavior nourish my soul? 

This is a promise I am making to myself… 

I am going to muster up the strength again to be positive and work to be a better person by not running from truth and equipping myself with greater wisdom and skills so that I can serve others. The “I” will come out only when it is connected to contributing more and complaining less; while also moving through this trial and future trials picking up all the arsenals and weapons I need to fight this or any other future war that threatens the country and world I love.

This does not mean that I will be perfect but it does mean I must try. 💌

Sending out lots of love and prayers for everyone to be healthy and stay safe,


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