Before you hit the road I’ve got a tip that I just learned this week from a personal trainer that can improve your performance. If you’re are like me you try to eat right but there are times when you just feel low in energy. My trainer’s secret is to make certain that you are adding enough Magnesium to your diet. Magnesium helps to boost your exercise performance and helps fight depression. Other benefits doctors are finding is that it can help lower blood pressure, assist with type 2 diabetes and even help with migraines. Magnesium is used by every cell to function and accounts for more than 600 chemical reactions in our bodies. Also, on the nights when you have had a little too much to drink magnesium can help with that hangover😉 Another important fact about magnesium is that our bodies use it to convert food to energy and it helps create new proteins from amino acids and helps regulate the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Some great foods to add to your diet to get more of this super power mineral are avocados, almonds and cashews. Current RDA for magnesium is about 300 to 400 mg but be careful not to over do it because magnesium is not like a water soluble vitamin that your body cal eliminate over dosage. Check with your doctor as you would any significant changes in your diet. Be safe and have fun out there!

Best wishes, Max

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