Wow do I wish these were my arms or even better arms like Angela Basset 😄! But, alas Im only a work in progress. However, my tip for today is that on days where you want to work out with the weights and go out for your ChiWalk-Run, make sure you do your weights first and have an easy day for your walk-run. The reason is that you want to have the energy and caloric & protein intake to build muscle and you have not expended so much lactic acid from running especially. Also if possible work with a trainer if you are new to weight lifting. I am really blessed to have a great trainer, who works with runners and understands their needs. Also, he is a good listener and hears my concerns. The worst coaches are those who tell you what you feel and ignore your concerns. 

For those of us new to weight lifting, there is a greater potential for injury, especially when using the machines incorrectly. Technique is essential, just as important as it is in fitness walking and running. I alternate days for upper body and lower body. I try to always schedule my lower body weight workouts on days when I am not running, especially when running any long distances. I think it is important to add weight training as we get older because we do lose muscle more quickly as we age. For those of us who are primarily runners and fitness walkers, we must also pay close attention to our upper bodies. I think it is especially true for ladies.

Have an awesome workout!


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