One of the reasons I love ChiWalk/Run is because of the foundational focuses of ChiWalking that should be mastered before ChiRunning. As most of you know that have taken my classes, posture is essential. If you have not mastered posture, your chances for injury are much greater. Remember last week we talked about gradual progress. The Chi Posture brings your body into alignment so that all you have to do is fall forward as your cadence increases to allow you to run.

However, what is also important is that as you are practicing your ChiWalking, you are engaging your core muscles and falling and moving from your dantien (remember about 2 inches below your belly button and 3). inches inward towards your spine). The farther you lean the more your core muscles (especially lower abs) are engaged and the faster you will run
So it is important as you begin running faster and moving from gear 2 to gear 3 and 4, your core muscles need to engaged more.

I am finding that core exercises really help. The gym offers lots of equipment that help you but next week I want to show some of my favorites I do at home.





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