Danny Dreyer co-owner of Chiliving along with his wife, is an ultra-marathoner and now in his 60’s, still runs rings around many runners decades younger. Here are some of his tips to use in helping us age into running using the ChiRunning technique.  

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Just to summarize in my opinion there is no better running technique that allows you to continue running as you get older because it is the only one that is designed to prevent injury and to move you forward with great energy efficiency. So remember to…

  • Practice your ChiRunning and ChiWalking good technique which allows your body to move ahead with good body alignment, posture and balance.  
  •  Also practice actively rotating your pelvic and engaging your core. This helps your lower back and gives good range of motion in your joints, hips and lower back. 
  • Shorten your stride. This will help ti reduce impact to your body and help keep energy up.
  • Place extra close attention to your body signals “body sensing” …don’t push on when your body is signaling you to stop or slow down.
  • If you wish to slow it down a little try ChiWalk/ChiRun. This allows you to easily transition back and forth as you need to. Danny stresses to never operate on the “Run at all cost” theory. 

Keep on trucking!

Best Wishes, Max

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