August is ending and between the heat and now hurricane season, it has been better to work out at the gym 🤨 I’m personally doing 3 run/walk work outs this week and 3 weight training classes and my weekly yoga on Saturdays. The secret I have learned in going to the gym to beat the heat is to go in early in the morning before the crowd shows up. You get your choice of machines and it is not as hot. The more bodies in the gym the more the heat index kicks up even in the gym.

I commit to at least an hour on the treadmill and increase my time running and speed to get a good cardio workout. I am also learning that the more I strengthen more core while engaging it in walking as well as running the more control and balance I have on the machine and I can move further from the console to really practice my Chi technique. Next week I will share some of the weight training I am learning and talk to you a little about how you might want to add more weight training in as we age because of the acceleration of muscle mass that we loose as we age, particularly after 50.

I am really looking forward to the Fall and getting back outside…and pumpkin lattes 🤗 Hope everyone is having a great week. Hurricane Dorian is scheduled to visit Florida’s east coast in a few days so be safe out there! 

Best wishes to everyone, Max

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