Monday, June 3, 2020 “Begin with the end in Mind”

Haven’t done a marathon since 2016 and I want to begin the year 2020 stretching myself again. So I begin this week with the end in mind and start with Danny and Katherine Dryer’s CHI Marathon and Pain-Free Marathon books. Both of which you can order from the http://www.Chiliving Ā website.Ā 

What will be different this time… is that I will also be working with a personal trainer to build more muscle (weight training). As I get older, especially since turning 60, I am noticing that my muscles are not as tone. Even though I am working out just about everyday fitness ChiWalking and ChiRunning my upper thigh muscles and but are losing some of the muscle tone I once had. So I am going to tell you about my journey as I build on ChiWalk and ChiRun and now weight trainingšŸ˜ƒ#GraceWalks #ChiWalk #ChiRun #Marathon #5K #FitnessWalking #PowerWalking #ChiRaceInstructor

šŸ’Œ Max