This past weekend I was able to attend a book signing and meet the author of one of the best motivational books I have read so far. The author Ben Angel tells the story of how he had been a successful practicing motivational speaker in Australia, had written 3 successful books and was healthy and quite the weekend athlete. He was at the top of his career in an industry he loved and had been working in for over ten years. But then his world changed, as he dropped to the ground and could not move out of the room where he had just completed his latest successful workshop. His energy was so low, he explained there was no energy left in his body or mind. Ben stated he had lost his focus and his desire to work or create. He was severely depressed but the doctors could find no significant physical problem. He explained he felt like a failure. Ben then as a last resort decided to take a two year hiatus to go around the world looking for ways to get his motivation back and ultimately his mental and physical health.

What he found was that often it is not that we are lazy or lack some time of motivational gene. But it is a mind and body connection that is triggered to create energy needed to fuel our motivation to create. It takes energy to trigger and sustain motivation. He also found that each of us has a body mind formula that is connected to our body’s individual nutrition, exercise and mental connections. Without this personal formula we can’t access the energy needed to sustain motivation and drive. The book gives a wealth of information on where to go to get the testing we need to determine our individual bodies needs. Ben goes into how he was able to meet doctors and researchers who were on the cutting edge of developmental ways to increase our energy, health and mental focus and ultimately get our motivation and focus back!

This is a great read and I highly recommend this book and if you have a chance meet the author.

Best regard always,

Max šŸ‘£

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