Healthy Communities / Fitter World (HCFW)


“Making a difference one footprint and wheel turn at a time”  👣


Healthy Communities-Fitter World … HCFW  is GraceWalks’ non-profit Corporation which was created to allow individuals, families, public and private agencies, businesses, organizations and GraceWalks, LLC to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities. 2018 begins our objective of reducing childhood obesity in our state of FL, beginning with the Tampa Bay Area. In our state of Florida, a recent 2017 study indicated that we are 4th (out of 51 states) in the country for overweight and obese children ages 10 to 17. 

Community Needs

One of the greatest concerns facing our nation and our state of Florida to date is childhood obesity. Particularly, the age groups of 10 to 17 years. A recent 2017 study indicated that 37% of children ages 10 to 17 in the state of Florida are overweight or obese. Florida is 4th in the country in childhood obesity rates for this age group. Childhood obesity also in an indicator of adult obesity. Children who are obese are more likely to grow up to be adults who are overweight or obese.

Positive Self-Esteem is a concern for overweight children. Recent episodes of bullying, particularly among children of this age group are expressed as a fear of children who are overweight. Another concern is that children who are overweight also have parents who are overweight. These parents, like many parents, may be too overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenthood to have a way to help their children. Even parents who are not overweight and have overweight children may not have a way to vocalize their concern for their children’s weight, without the concern of feelings that they may undermine their child’s self-esteem.

Physical Activity, especially when practiced outside can help to improve self-esteem, prevent many chronic diseases and reduce weight. However, today’s children are more likely to play inside because of the attractiveness of video games, tv and new technology, none of which are geared for outside physical activity. Our society’s chronic reduction in physical activity is a serious health concern for agencies interested in reducing chronic diseases, to which obesity is a contributor.

Healthy Communities / Fitter World (HCFW) offers a solution that addresses the concerns of obesity among this age group that is easy to follow, builds self-esteem through leadership training and is non-competitive, but is a self-directed rewards system and the program allows parents and caring adults to also participate in supporting the children as well as in support of their own health.

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How we raise money?

We raise money primarily through fitness activities like virtual and event races; HCFW along with its sponsors (you) and GraceWalks, LLC create individual and group effort reward motivational events using walking ( steps and mileage), running (mileage) and wheeling (mileage); created through primarily virtual events but also annual site events. Our emphasis is not on speed or competition but completion.

Our service motto is 

“Making a difference one foot print and wheel turn at a time” 👣

On the move and building bridges from our homes to our communities, to our nation and to the world in support of healthy lifestyles that support positive relationships, compassion, success, joy and an overall more healthy and joyful world for all. 

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