Yesterday while doing my ChiWalking Aerobic workout. I was in the zone listening to my earphones with my shades on and cruising down the side walk. I was really in a flow when my toe hit an uneven tile on the pavement, down I went. Let me add to the story with the full effects of the fall. It was one of those ugly falls, that make you want to apologize because it was so ugly. On the sidewalk by a busy road with rush hour traffic cruising slowly by. People in their cars couldn’t help but see me and I could feel their gasps. 😱 I came away from the ugly fall with only a bruised toe and ego. I was happy that my stronger core muscles developed from practicing ChiWalking and ChiRunning had helped over the years to strengthen my lower abdominals. 

In addition I came away with the wisdom to not get so wrapped up in listening to my earphones, with music, an audio book or my thoughts that I am not paying attention to the road and what is going on around me. But also, it is important to understand how important your abdominal muscles or core muscles are to preventing serious falls. In addition, we need good body balance and posture as well as strong leg muscles. 

As I get older I am understanding that just having a good walking or running practice is not enough. We need to also bring in more weight bearing exercises and flexibility movements. In particular for me this will start with weight training and yoga. So although paying attention to what you are doing is most important. Being well rounding with exercise, especially as you age is also important. I will keep you posted on how I go about this in upcoming blogs.

Be careful out there and have FUN!!!!