This year at GraceWalks we are looking to really put it out there and put forth our best effort to be our best selves. What this means is that we have to stretch beyond our comfort zones and commit to continuous learning and growth. I think all of us know that as we enter this new decade there are serious challenges for us as individuals, families, communities, our country and our world. Challenges to our health and efforts to undermine our ability to think rationally for ourselves and commit to principles that are universally accepted and cherished by all human-kind (not just that of a particular person, religion, group or organization). Principles like fairness, integrity and honesty, service and human dignity. As in America’s constitution “…we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Our country can’t be its best until each of us is able to perform at our best and commit to these principles in order that we may serve at our highest capacity. Dr. Stephen R. Covey (teacher, writer, motivational speaker and icon to the industry of self-improvement from the Inside-Out or Character Ethics), writes that our efforts to use Personality Ethics or the quick surface effort to dazzle our way to success by using tactics that devalue others and undermine universal and time-tested principles that are bordered by natural laws. The law of “sowing and reaping” is just as foundational as the law of gravity. You can’t plant an apple tree and expect an orange to show up. We can’t  sow seeds of fear, division and embrace victimization and expect to produce hope, faith and long lasting success. In addition, we can’t abuse our bodies and ignore the heathy action of regular exercise without consequences that don’t help us perform at our best. 

Principles are self-evident they are agreed upon universally. Dr. Covey writes that the self-evident value of principles are reflected when we consider its opposites”… would anyone believe that unfairness, deceit, baselessness, uselessness, mediocrity, or degeneration” to be a foundation of which we can achieve long lasting happiness and success?

Continuous learning and growth are means to begin our journey to live a principle-centered life. At GraceWalks we want to begin the journey to commit to life-long learning and exercise.  This year we are going to begin by starting an “Audio-Sole” book club. A book club that encourages committing to exercising regularly, particularly walking and running, and also committing to listening to an audio book that we can share with others to help each of us commit to continuous growth, through learning and regular exercise. When we come together and share we are able to lift each other up, learn and grow. It is also our hope that together we can make a positive difference not only for ourselves but also for our families, communities, our country and our world. 

Albert Einstein (one of the greatest minds of all times, theoretical physicist and creator of the “Law of Relativity”) makes the following observation “… The significant problems we face cannot be solves at the level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Be on the look out for the dates, times and location of our first meet-up.

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