Getting Ready for the Race and using ChiWalk and ChiRun

Today is Monday, June 10,2019 and I am registered for the Disney Race Marathon. So today I am going to begin serious planning. Last week I told you also I was going to begin working out with a personal trainer to train with weights to help me move some of the stuff that used to be higher, up on my body and keep my arms from waving long after the person I have been waving to, has turned and walked away.

Good news though, I found that as a runner and aerobic walker with ChiWalk and ChiRunner, I have really low body fat the trainer told me (127). So that made me feel good😀. The trainer began by giving me a 2 pound weight. I was thinking these are so light…I got this! But as he continued to ask me for more reps, my arms began to scream…stop…😩! This is not easy stuff …so now I am adding to days of working out with weights to my 4 day commitment to training for the marathon. Ok, I know what you are thinking…why add the weight training with a personal trainer? Let me be straight with you….because I injured myself last week trying to do lunges on my own. I pulled a groin muscle and I could barely get out of bed. I need a coach!

Thank goodness I have about 30 weeks and I can Aerobic ChiWalk and gradually lead into ChiRunning again. I love that I am injury free ChiWalking and ChiRunning but this weight lifting stuff can kill me without a coach.

Speaking of coaching…don’t forget this weekend, I will be having a workshop on Saturday and Sunday to help learn the best way to learn how to remain injury free and run with energy to spare! Contact so I can tell you more👣 



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