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ChiWalking and ChiRunning 

ChiRunning and ChiWalking are running and walking techniques developed many years ago by ultra-marathoner Danny Dreyer and his wife Katherine Dreyer. The technique uses Tai Chi focuses to help move the body forward without injury and with greater energy efficiency. What this means to us is that when the technique is practices we can take a sports like running, which is a tremendous injury prone sport, and now practice it without fear of injury and have more energy to enjoy it longer. Fitness walking practices also like power walking, additionally can cause the body injury and drain you of energy. 

The ChiCoaching technique is designed to give you a fitness practice that allows you to progress your fitness and exercise practice to what ever level of fitness you choose. Once you learn the technique of ChiWalking, you can challenge yourself by increasing your distance and speed, through a Chi concept called gradual progress.

Additionally, you can move directly from ChiWalking to ChiRunning  with a simple lean. The technique allows you to easily transition from ChiWalking to ChiRunning or you can simply continue to challenge yourself through ChiWalking. Both allow you to complete your fitness goals at any age or beginning fitness level.

What sets ChiWalking and ChiRunning apart from regular or traditional fitness walking and running techniques and programs?

  •  Unlike traditional walking and running, the technique is built around injury prevention (by reducing impact to the muscles of the body) and energy efficiency to help build endurance for longer walks and runs.
  •  Unlike traditional walking and running, ChiWalking and ChiRunning engages the body’s core muscles, which benefits the body’s overall strength and reduces stress to the body’s muscles. 
  • Chi Coaching promotes good posture and body balance.
  • Chi Coaching uses Tai Chi focuses that help over all health, body, mind (helps mental focus) and spirit. 
  • ChiWalking and ChiRunning programs can be practiced alone or with a group for team building events and trainings are available for race events.
  • GraceWalks offers a 3 weeks program, that includes face to face technique coaching, follow-up and online success coaching. We want this not be something you will implement on a regular basis and use it throughout your life.
  • GraceWalks program focuses can be easily integrated into your existing wellness program or fitness practice. 
  • ChiWalking and/or ChiRunning are cost effective and benefits persons of all ages and fitness levels.
  • The ChiWalking technique allows you to progressively increase your fitness level and easily progress from fitness walking to running.
  • A ChiCoaching program can meet the essential 5 best practices of successful wellness programs as suggested in Harvard Review.
    • Program is practical and accessible
    • Benefits and enhances a work environment that is health conscious
    • Easily integrates wellness and success into the companies structure
    • Program easily integrates into an exiting wellness programs

….. and it is cost effective.

A free one hour presentation of the benefits of ChiWalking and ChiCoaching can be presented to your group or employees upon request, just call for scheduling 813-728-6436.

  • Can be practiced anytime… during lunch, before work, after work, have a walking team meeting and can be practiced at home with family and friends…to continue and pass on a healthy lifestyle. 
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  • Private lessons are available upon request for ChiWalking and ChiRunning. Please call 813-728-6436 or email us for scheduling at


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