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Ok its August and its hot! I’ve been taking my work-outs inside for the last few months. Mostly at the local gym near my house because I have added weight training to my work outs 3 times a week. This is what I have learned:

  • You can absolutely practice ChiRunning and ChiWalking on the treadmill. I thought it would be not as easy to practice but I was wrong. Some of the things I found more easy to focus on are…
    • Balance, I am finding that I can use the hills to really engage my core muscles in my walking and running.
    • I like that now they have running programs on the treadmill that let you practice interval workouts.
    • You also can adjust your speed easily and increase your workouts or on days you are a little tired pull it back down.
    • I always use my ear phones because the gym noise is distracting. The best ear phones I have used are the Bose in your ear. They are light weight and comfortable. When you are getting your Chi-technique down however, make sure it is music that is not distracting.
    • Make sure you pull back from the console when you are running especially to allow your legs to come out behind you as you run. ChiWalking also benefits by pulling yourself back so you can engage your core more.
    • Most newer model treadmills have surfaces that are more giving and more able to absorb shock. Sidewalks have little to no give and have more impact to your body.
    • The most time I give to the treadmill right now though is an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. This may have to change though if the summer goes longer and I have to begin working up to the double digits in miles by October.

I will keep you posted but please enjoy your summer and remember to hydrate….hydrate…hydrate!

Best wishes,



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