This is by far one of my favorite audio books. Its relevance in solving life’s most difficult problems transcends time. There is such a wealth of information in this book that I am going to slow it down and enjoy it throughout this year.

The 3rd Alternative deals with problem solving and conflict resolution between businesses, parents and children, couples, families and friends, within our communities to our nation and the world. You can even tap into your internal conflicts, like finding what it is you really want to do with your life. It really is that powerful.Let me begin with the foundation of the third alternative principle. It is empathetic listening. This is a great place to start for an audio-book club right? Not only listening to the authors words but his emotions, heart, values and intentions for writing the book.

What is empathy? Dr. Covey quotes Israeli philosopher, Chen Lambert…”Empathy happens when we find ourselves…in the mind of another. We observe reality though her eyes, feel her emotions, share in her pain.” Dr. Covey explains that it differs from sympathy in that it doesn’t mean that you agree with another person’s point or you come over to their side in a disagreement, but instead you feel and hear why they feel and act as they do. In sympathy in order to please another, we might deny our true beliefs and values in order to fit in and not cause conflict. However, by doing this we betray ourselves and in the end we fail everyone involved. Empathetic listening allows us to sincerely hear the hearts of another with respect to them and ourselves. 

Sympathy can lead to what Covey calls “Identify theft”. Instead of someone stealing your wallet, sympathy can lead to the theft of your true identify. He describes it this way…” you get so immersed in the external agenda, the cultural story, the political and social pressures, that you lose the sense of who you are and what you could do in life.” Empathetic listening allows you to keep your identity and at the same time really see, hear and acknowledge the other person truest self. It allows authentic conversation and respect. You no longer have to fear conflict or give into manipulation by others.

Check this audio book out!!!!!! Happy Trails 👣🌻 #GraceWalks #ChiWalk #ChiRun #Fitness #SeniorFitness #InjuryFreeFitness